My Vautier Family Line

The descendants of Pierre Vautier (#160) de Portinfer (bc1605), St Ouen, Jersey moved to Vaux (or La Val) Bachelier sometime before 1700 and six subsequent generations lived there until about 1839 when Jean Vautier's(#74) (b1795) wife Marie Elizabeth Payn (#1179) died in childbirth. Jean soon remarried and moved to land at St Brelade. Vaux Bachelier passed to the Payn family and was sold to the Le Boutillier family in 1843 (and is still with this family today).

Jean farmed at Quennevais for about ten years but was tragically killed in a farm accident in 1854. Jean's death. His widow Elizabeth Le Marquand (#75) and the two children, Elizabeth (#139) and Philippe (#72) moved to High Street, St Aubin. She purchased a house that she called "Elizabeth Castle View" from the Robin family and ran a "guest house" there until she died in 1880. Daughter Elizabeth kept the house going until she in turn died in 1891. Today the house is still a Guest House and is called "St Magliore".

Elizabeth managed her business affairs well and, in 1866, is recorded offering to sell her lease of the "Pic-Nic Hotel", known today as the prestigious St Brelade Hotel. She managed her family's Le Marquand holdings and those of her children for many years.

I have included a basic descendancy chart for 8 generations of Pierre's descendants which includes my gt-grandfather Philippe who migrated to New Zealand arriving 1875.

Philippe & Catherine to NZ

Philippe (#72) grew up in St Aubin and, on leaving school, became an Auctioneer and lawyer's clerk in St Helier. He appears to have been well educated in French and English and was for some years in his youth, the Secretary of the Wesleyan Sunday School in St Aubin. In 1871 he married Catherine Langford (#73) at St Brelade and they moved into St Helier. In 1874 they emigrated to New Zealand on the "Dallam Tower" with their three children. The two boys, Philip (#79) and Edwin (#80), died enroute to NZ.

Note: The numbers behind each person's name are my computer generated "Record Idendification Numbers (RIN #s) used for identification purposes.

I would appreciate learning of any family details you know of that are not described here. Please email me: Keith Vautier

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