My Le Marquand Family in Jersey Island

Elizabeth was a descendant of Elie Le Marquand(#709) (bc1617) at St Ouen, Jersey. Elie's son Nicolas Le Marquand (#708) was born at St Ouen in 1642 but moved to St Peter and was buried there in 1685. His descendants appear to have lived in St Peter's parish for the next seven generations until in 1828 when Elizabeth Le Marquand (#75) was born.

At the time of the 1841 census Elizabeth (aged 18) was living with Jean Vautier(#74) as a "servant", however his wife died and Jean married Eizabeth in 1845. Subsequently they had two children, Elizabeth (#139)(bpt 1846) and Philippe (#72)(bpt 1848). They were then living on a farm at Quennevais, St Brelade.

Jean and Elizabeth farmed at La Vallette, Quennevais but when Jean was tragically killed in a farm accident in 1854, Elizabeth and the two children moved to High Street, St Aubin. She purchased a house called "Elizabeth Castle View" from the Robin family and ran a "guest house" there until she died in 1880. Daughter Elizabeth kept the house going until she died in 1891.
Today the house is still a Guest House and is called "St Magliore".

However, whilst I provide .pdf pages of my basic genealogy, it is never complete and will not include details of any living person. Note: The numbers behind each person's name are my computer generated "Record Idendification Numbers (RIN #s) used for identification purposes, particularly where several ancestors have the same name.

I would appreciate learning of any family details you know of that are not described here. Please email me: Keith Vautier

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