(en Jèrriais)

La Fanmil'ye Vaûtchi en L'Île dé Jèrri

Historically, Vautier families were found domiciled in each of the 12 parishes of Jersey. By comparison, they were hardly known at all in Guernsey - (though one family did move to St Peter Port for a time).

An examination of the early parish records of Jersey Island shows that many distinct family lines existed there well before c1600, the majority of these were native to the parish of St Ouen. The earliest recorded family events infer that the "Val de la Mar" family have been domiciled on their land in the parish without break for over 1,000 years and are still there today.

Indeed, there were so many of the Vautier name in St Ouen that the expression arose, "I' y'en a assez pour tous Les Vaûtchiè" when referring to something of which there was in abundance or more than enough.

For research purposes I have identified family lines by the forename of the first recorded family head and the place that they were domiciled. Thus we get the following family lines:

Abraham de Leoville (m bef 1633)

Clement de Leoville (m 17 Dec 1634)

Clement du Marais (m bef 1634)

Edouard du Coin (m bef 1634)

Henri (m 17 Sep 1645)

Jacques de Val de la Mare (m 18 Dec 1644)

Jean du Coin (m bef 1634)

Jean de Lecq (m bef 1634)

Jean de Millais (m bef 1650)

Nathaniel (m bef 1638)

Philippe au Neveu (m 19 Nov 1669)

Pierre de Jonais (m abt 1670)

Pierre de Portinfer (m abt 1630)

Jean-de-St-Martin (m 1615)

Note that some of these family lines have long been extinct.

Whilst, personally, I have done very little work on the Vautier lines from the other Jersey parishes, I do have some knowledge of the St Martin Vautiers whom I have recorded as descending from "Jean de St Martin" who married Susanne Ahier in 1615.

Other Vautier families originated elsewhere in Europe. Vautier families are known to be domiciled in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. Some were Huguenots who ended up in London and East Anglia. None of these families are of Jersey origin.

I would appreciate learning of any family details you know of that are not described here. Please email me:Keith Vautier

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