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At my fathers knee, I was told that the Vautier family came from Jersey, Channel Islands where the family were of Viking/Norman origin. It was therefore a great disapointment to me when I read that only 2% of landed Jersey families were of Viking stock. What chance? But then on reflection, I figured our family were likely living in Jersey long before the Vikings arrived there about 960AD.

One way to find out then - do a YDNA test. The result - My E-M35 haplogroup has no connection with Viking origins. Our family appears to have come North to Jersey - not South from Scandanavia. To check this out, I got the YDNA done from my closest "genealogical" cousin living in Jersey. Guess What! We have a 100% match at 67 markers. Amazing!

He is actually my 8th cousin (once removed) and we can show our "most recent common ancestor" (MRCA) was Pierre Vautier born circa 1600. See the ancestral cousins trail. So, what about that! I can't wait to find more Vautier DNA.

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