My Dockery Family Connection

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To date my earliest known Dockery ancestor is William Dockery (bc 1761-70) a market gardener of Dartford, Kent, who was married to Ann Thornton (bc1761) at St James, Westminster in 1791 and was buried in Westminster in 1841.

The actual original seats of both these families are unknown.

There is only one known child to this marriage, Robert Thornton Dockery who was baptised in Dartford, KEN, in 1798.

In 1818 Robert, also a market gardener, married Mary Ann Apps (bc1802) at St Sepulchure, Holbourn St Andrew in the City. They resided at Lowfield Street, Dartford where they had 10 children.

William Lake Dockery (1820-1866)

Mary Ann Lake Dockery (1821-1910)

Lucy Ann Dockery (1825-1903)

Charlotte Thornton Dockery (1827-1902)

Robert A Thornton Dockery (1829-1909)

Annie Thornton (Polly) Dockery (1831-1905)

John Apps Dockery (1834-1870)

George Thomas Dockery (1836-1840)

Frances Elizabeth Dockery (1838-????)

Henry Thomas Dockery

(1840-1873) Thus we get the following family line:

Descendants of William Dockery

However, whilst I provide .pdf pages of my basic genealogy, it is never complete and will not include details of any living person. Note: The numbers behind each person's name are my computer generated "Record Idendification Numbers (RIN #s) used for identification purposes, particularly where several ancestors have the same name.

I would appreciate learning of any family details you know of that are not described here. Please email me: Keith Vautier

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