For over 20 years, members of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists with an interest in Channel Islands family history ran a "special interest group" in New Zealand to provide mutual support for researchers. With the increased use of the Internet, the need for a "help group" diminished and led to it's demise, I now attempt to provide that help and support through this website. Your comments are always welcome.

Research Help

Family History research in the Channel Islands has, in the past, been hindered by the lack of "on-line" resources and unless you were prepared to travel to the Islands to undertake research, progress was very slow and often relied on the goodwill of others. Civil records were impossible to consult without in-island help and parish records have been indexed for local look-up in the Islands only.

The electronic age has altered this situation readically and it has now become an issue of keeping up-to-date with the availability of on-line material to help you with your research. I will attempt to review the advice given here on a regular basis.

Page last updated 25 Feb 2018